Aesthetics Within Prosthetics
Many people have a pre-conceived idea of what artificial limbs look like, although there is another more abstract view, one that has been explored at a much deeper level in this project. This more contemporary project shows prosthetics of past and present from a totally different perspective.
These images also represent the diverse change in prosthetics that have evolved over decades of incremental adjustments. Advances in technology have given the amputee an array of different materials and aesthetics to choose from. However, even after all these improvements, some of the older generation still prefer to use their original limb and simply drop in for on the spot repairs.
The most recent additions to the list of materials now used in each product are carbon fibre and silicone. When these two materials are combined to make a prosthetic limb, you get an incredibly durable and lightweight construction coupled with an amazingly realistic texture. The final product is an astounding look that is totally lifelike and difficult to distinguish from a real limb.
All images were shot with the permission of The Artificial Limb and Appliance centre at Rookwood Hospital, Cardiff. South Wales.